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I sincerely feel ill.
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seppukusisters sent: Whoa, shit what do those shirts look like?

It’s just of an MLP illustration I did a while back. Here’s a photo of it, courtesy of my friend Anuvia and her local Hot Topic. The text says “best pony”

sunnder sent: hi uh ok i found one of your designs on hot topic and i was wondering if you were aware? or if you gave permission or whatever i know hot topic has been known to steal art before so i just wanted to make sure!

Hot Topic is selling it with permission, no worries. :) I do some freelance stuff with WeLoveFine, and they work closely with Hot Topic. I get a cut for every wholesale order placed. Thanks for your concern! 

i drew your cute oc because i cant handle her design, its just too perfect!! <:D

AAAAAA THIS IS JUST PRECIOUS!! Thank you so much! ヽ(;▽;)ノ ♥
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mszooki sent: Who did you main when you played comp smash?

For Brawl, I mained Lucario. And for Project Melee, I mained Ivysaur and Bowser, but also dabbled a bit in Charizard :> 


competitive smash is pretty cool sometimes like when they kick a commentator off the air in the middle of a broadcast for saying “rape”

I am really, REALLY happy to hear this because one of the few reasons I sort of inched away from competitive Smash is because the word “rape” was thrown around so much in that context. You couldn’t go to a tournament or a smashfest without hearing “Duuude, get raped!” or “We’re gonna rape these fools” or something else along those lines.
I was even in a match once, and one of the spectators shouted “Get raped!” when I lost a stock. I turned around and told him to NEVER say that to me EVER again, and thankfully he apologized for it. Everyone in my scene knows to not use the term against me, but you still hear it thrown around anyway. It was still extremely uncomfortable and alienating as one of the only females in my scene.
I’m really happy it’s at least starting to shape up. Unfortunately, there are still some dudebros in the comments complaining about the so-called “censorship,” but I’ll definitely be active in the community again when Smash 4 comes out. 
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